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Description: "Sins of Blood, Bonds of Honour" The Odyssey is called to the frontier station of Argus, where they face a challenge and Harper comes face to face with a ghost from the past. Note: There are a couple of small gfx glitches near the beginning and the sound didn't come out very well (please note that at around 35 minutes, the volume leaps up considerably for some reason, so please be aware). Do stay tuned after the credits for an additional bonus. (EDIT: Bonus points to anyone who spots the slightly extended reference to a certain skit video...) STARRING GOOFPARADE SISCH JOSEPHKW KWISTUFA SPARKY1512 THEBIZ GUEST STARRING ACEMASTER BELLA NAHTON NORRIE WX_IVAN WITH SPECIAL GUEST STAR RJB2112
Categories: Science Fiction