Standing on the Moon - Bruce Hornsby

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Description: May 15, 2011 in Second Life - I got a teleport and my avatar landed in a live concert by no other than the wonderful mr. Bruce Hornsby. Not just a stream inworld, but the man himself playing his music for us, and singing and talking to us. I have asked him for permission to show this machinima on Youtube, or any ohter place he would want it hosted... Lets see how he reacts. He performed for charity, for Rock 'gainst Hunger Area with Charity Events to Feed Starving Children. Location was SuperStar Lounge Bar, At the end of the almost 2 hour (!) gig he sang an old Graceful Dead song, one of my all time favorites, "Standing On The Moon". After 4 years, Second Life still amazes me - where else would you attend a live concert of this kind - in the middle of the night with avatars from all over the world? Thanks, mr. Bruce Hornsby, it was a experience to remember.