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Description: I decided to try a different storyline, so this is my Dark Romance Drama. To tell you the truth...I could really use some help with the voice overs. I've got a ton of scripts written. If anybody is interested in participating, then contact me. I need both male and female voices. Well enough of that. In case your interested...the girl in this story...well she’s a carefree spirit but has a hard time expressing her feelings when showing interest in the opposite sex. This is…the Girlfriend from HELL. Also…I was planning on doing a series about this couple called Sinner and the Saint, so this story would be how they first met and the next story would be one of their many adventures together. Even though I called this story Girlfriend from Hell, she's not really his girlfriend during this storyline, but as I leads into the next story segment where she is his girlfriend. Yeah I know...he's a priest and I've been told their not supossed to have a girlfriend...but that opens the door for another story.
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