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Description: Selected for screening at the 2011 MachinExpo. WARNING: Contains brief nudity and mature subject matter. My guess is it's rated PG-13 at most. Created for Harb40's \"Passion Competition 2010\", which requires dealing with at least two of the seven deadly sins, and limited to a length of 20.5 minutes (excluding studio logo). Han's Grail--it is something which many of us long for. Strange that it is in our nature to desire something so...unnatural. Yes, like many of my other films, this has a message in it. However, since it has been noted that some of my messages lack subtlety, this one is a trifle less obvious. I encourage you to please let me know what you think this is all about--only with your feedback will I be able to know (and it's best you review the film first before reading any of the other comments, so as not to be influenced). With that said, partake of Han's Grail, and enjoy. CREDITS Written & Directed by JosephKw Grail Prop by MikeDBoing and Ubernewbie A_N_D as Walt Moore Dulci as Jain Agamas Goofparade as Theo Logan Trewill7 as Harry Sees JosephKw as Tom Richard Harry Act3Scene24 as Jesus Santa Maria Sisch as Freya Sonya as Nirvana Bezzer36 as Charon JosephKw as Joe Music by Milkman_Dan Jazz End Theme by JazzX Sound by Goofparade Poster by Burkey SPOILER: For those who don't want to figure out what the message is, here it is... Clues: The names of most of the characters are religious in nature. Religious symbols prevail throughout the film (yin-yang, star and crescent moon, the cross). Religious concepts are used in the dialogues (heaven, belief, salvation). Harry Sees (heresies) is killed by Theo Logan (theologian). I figured a film dealing with the 7 sins would be appropriate for a religious theme. The Message: If there is no intervention by God or other deities (which is a common argument by atheists), can the existence of religion still be justified? Is religion, as a vehicle for hope and moral guidelines, enough to balance out its potential for intolerance and hatred?
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