The Origin of Sir Fartsalot

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Description: *Warning! Immature themes, and fart language!* Hello, everybody! Welcome to the origin of Sir Fartsalot. Sir Fartsalot's father, Sir Stinky, trains Sir Fartsalot in the ways of the stench. Will Sir Fartsalot pass the series of tests laid out for him, and become a warrior of smelliness? Cdg0219's darkness overlay A TPK Production Presents Overlay: TPK; Kitty in a Poptart box image courtesy of MSN Images Cast: Sir Fartsalot: My Father Sir Stinky: My Father Sewer Monster's 1, and 2: My Father Music: Mysticsleet's Rise and Fall music Alan400's Music Stopper Del's Happy Beats Music Sounds: Matt's Fart sound TPK's Fart sound Jack Brooker's Burp sound TPK's Burp sound Ozman's big flatulence sound TPK's Bad Breath Attack sound Worryman's Punch 1, 2, 3, and 4 sounds Director's note: I'm surprised to know that a variety of smelly sounds can be found at 8eyedbaby. Heh, heh. Thanks again, guys! If I forgot anything, or anybody, please let me know, and I'll fix it. Thanks! TPK
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