Jonathan Coulton - Fun Winter - Music Video

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Description: Fun Winter Song by Ze Frank performed by Jonathan Coulton Video by Christopher the Curmudgeony Librarian Fun Winter is from JoCo's colaboration with Ze Frank. It is a rather teasing playful song that sounds perfect in front of a roaring fire. Jonathan Coulton's visual acuity is based on movement. Find Jonathan Coultons awesome music at Christopher the Curmudgeony Librarian is cold, oh so coooooold. Visit his work over at I have no fun facts about Ze Frank. :( Find him at Special thanks to Lionhead Studios' game "The Movies" for the software on which this video was made. Thanks to the modders that helped make this possible --Thanks and general support FraasMovies--Snow Scene Prop, Snowy Pine Trees Rysto--Weather Effects Tarison--Blue Screen sets The Movies Workshop--Set Dressing unlocker Ending music is Dance, Soterios Johnson, Dance by Jonathan Coulton
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