DIY Kitchen (free addon demo)

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Description: I am pleased to unveil my latest free addon release. Moviestorm has many props but lacks some little details, at last now our puppets can have somewhere to prepare food! With my DIY Kitchen you can style your kitchen exactly how you want it as I provide you with the parts to set out exactly how you want them. You can also apply your very own textures to give your kitchen your own personal style* This pack contains 22 assets which are: 1 Worktop with sink and draining board 1 Worktop with draws and cupboard doors 1 Worktop with hollow base 1 Worktop joiner (to fill in corners) 1 Rounded worktop end 1 Wall mountable shelf unit 1 Wall mountable cupboard 1 Breakfast bar (All the above scalable and accept user images) 1 Knife 1 Fork 1 Pan (scalable) 1 Kettle 1 Drain board rack with a standing plate in it (scalable) 1 Plain dinner plate 1 Plain dinner plate (stood up) 1 Knife block 1 Bread bin 1 Washing machine 1 Dish washer 1 Fridge freezer 1 Cooker 1 Microwave (most items scalable, some accept user images) *User advice: Be careful when using your own images/textures, apply to many large size images and you could make moviestorm unstable! All models created by me, all textures are royalty free, any images are from public domain. Download link:
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