The Round Table Show

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Description: By theBaloob123 (If this is your movie and you would like it removed, please contact us) HOT PICK!!!! YIPPE!!!!! MY FIRST HOT PICK!!!! THE FIRST KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE MOVIE ON TMO!!! EVER!!! ...well more of the first PARODY! Okay this is episode 1 of the new TV series: The Round Table Show!!! Yay!!! This was made with 3 of Thebaloob Pictures' finest actors: Tom Deloff Hannah Whitemen (this is her comeback film!) and our newest actor!!!... Harris Johnson! Just to let you know the repeditivity of the music was intended! Contains: -custom props (juicey) -custom sets (Patella) -custom costumes (ranger21) I hope you enjoy it! Oh yeah! and Dizdoc and Matabeleland go jump off a bridge!
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