Grayskull: Part 3

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Description: After the disaster of losing all the data and mods for the movie on my old pc, here we go with part 3 of the movie.pretty much everything had to be made again from scratch, so apologies in advance for any inconsistency with the character models. i tried to be as accurate as possible in re creating them. on with the credits then for the superb voice cast in this movie, they really are fantastic. we have: JosephKw - Prince Adam JohhnyEx - Skeletor Asa o leary123 - King Randor Bella - Evil Lynn / Teela Mustachio26 - Kronus Goofparade - Tri clops / Beastman the music in this segment comes from the following sources: The Mummy motion picture soundtrack 300 motion picture soundtrack Lord of the rings the return of the king soundtrack star wars episde III soundtrack. enjoy!