Flying Without Wings

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Description: Origonally released wayback in 3 September 2006, Flying Without Wings became my best charting movie by complete surprise. Peaking at #3 in the comedy charts, and #16 overall. The concept was simple - A man (Corinthian McVittie) dreaming about (as the title suggests) flying without wings. He thinks he can do it as he bets his friend Golden Wonder he can. Me and my sister wrote and voiced this comedy and was my first VOed movie. It was origonally just a voice demo, but later spawned two sequels. Oh, and look out for the creepy Christmas trees lurking around every corner It is unlikely this will be a repeated success. Also note that this is just a straight port. Since the master was junked a month after the original release, the picture couldn't be improved. As for my other movies, as well as the original FWW3, they have been junked, even though I backed some of them up. I can't remember what I did with them... I think I deleted them to make room for porn
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