Dialogue with Death

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Description: Movie by CptJoker. Originally released March 9, 2006. A knight returns home from the wars and seeks out Death in the gloom of the Black Forest. Inspired by Bergman's "Seventh Seal", this is a short exploration (though not a remake) of the fateful confrontation between a medieval knight and Death himself. His family lost to plague and himself to despair, what will the knight find in the dark...? Filmed in high-contrast black-and-white, this haunting, philosophical piece is not to be missed. NOTE: I realise I have categorised this as a comedy - in many ways the Seventh Seal is an intensely black comedy that looks at the trivialities of life in the face of Death. It is somewhat fitting, then, that this film ended in the comedy genre: though in honest it was a mistake I didn't notice until I'd uploaded!
Categories: Horror Comedy