Silent Hill - SILENCE Restless Dreaming EP 2

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Description: Here is my take on the SIlent HIll series. This is based off of the amazing SIlent HIll 2, which sadly never became a real film... DESCRIPTION: John now knows things have changed in Silent Hill, but he still wants to figure out why he got a letter from his supposed dead wife, Marian. A new girl may disrupt things though, Maria, and she looks just like Marian! While monsters creep and sirens roar, John is determined to seek the very source of what is going on, even if it kills him... -------------------------------------------- Silent HIll 2 Music and Themes All Character Names Original Trivia: - There is one shot from silent hill 2 where the original James Sunderland can be seen, when John enters Rosewater Park - There is a picture on a wall that is a still from Silent Hill 3, of Cheryl
Categories: Horror