Chronicles of The Rift (Origins)

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Description: Thanks to all who made this series possible. It's because of your support during this time, I was able to gain the skills and the confidence to make WATW a reality. You guys are amazing, I couldn't have done it without you. Here's what Jazzx wrote for this in his vault! Chronicles of the Rift & Chronicles of the Rift: Origins (both not online) by userjosh9874 Genre: Fantasy Drama Duration: just over 12.5 minutes & 22.5 minutes BBFC rating: /PG - for action violence and scary scenes (both parts) What a good fantasy film this is! Terrific sets and costume mods and some great acting performances from lesser known actresses. The story for both films revolves around a cosmic "rift" between earth and the afterlife. But it's the earth-based writing in "Origins" that floats my boat - our heroine hasn't found a man yet, which her society demands; her female friends chide her for that. Her eventual choice of partner is a poor one! ... (watch now!!) This is worth it for extremely capable performances, classy castle set mods and an intriguing story.
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