Terror Tales - of Chief Concern

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Description: Movie by HyperGnome. Originally released Nov, 2005. This is the debut episode of Terror Tales, an ongoing series of horrifying tales to wet your morbid appetites! Leer Ovoure stars as the Narrator, the mysterious Tale Keeper, and he has a very special tale to start you off with tonight. It is filmed in the Alfred-H.-Twilight Zone-Crypt Keeper format. I do hope you enjoy it. And if you have any questions, please axe =) This is my first uploaded movie, please let me know your suggestions! As someone already mentions, there are a couple unneccessary cuts here and there, but they were mainly due to a strange bug where I lost a healthy chunk of conversation footage when one of my indians turned into a cowboy after a cut! I didn't have the heart to start all over in pickups... again... =) A Note about Cliche: As THEBeerman pointed out, there is fluent use of cliche here. In a movie that needs to be fairly short, cliche is your friend. You can use cliches to establish information about your characters with your viewer without having to actually tell them in your movie. A good example of this is the Clint like voice for our assasin. It immediately brings into mind that lone gunman character, which makes my job easier to tell my tale. So, yes, cliches are all over... on purpose. Guilty as charged =)
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