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Description: PLEASE READ FIRST. This film will make little sense to those not familiar with my previous film "the Shadow Over Innsmouth", or Lovecraft's original novella. If you don't wish to watch my earlier film, here is a short summary of the tale... Robert visits the creepy town of Innsmouth only to discover that it is populated by a race of human hybrids--offsprings of humans and fish-like amphibians. He narrowly makes his escape from these creatures, and returns to tell his uncle of his experience. His uncle reveals that Robert's own grandmother was a denizen of Innsmouth. The story now continues in "SOG". Time to 'fess up; "SOG" is my final entry to BenTuttle's 30-second comedy short film contest (sorry if I disappointed anyone who was expecting a lengthy continuation of my Innsmouth films). If it's any consolation, I already have my next serious Lovecraft-inspired tale outlined and will most definitely film it. This film was inspired by some of the blooper lines which I got from Ken's "SOI" VO's. He messed around with some of the lines and I kept them, hoping to one day make a short comedy short with them. When Bentuttle's 30 second comedy contest came along, I knew that was the opportunity I needed to expand upon Ken's lines and actually make this into a movie. By the way, at the first scene of this film I altered the painting on the wall. When I filmed "SOI" I was sorely tempted to do this, but resisted the temptation since that was a more serious presentation. I'm glad I now have the opportunity to realize this quirky vision. I hope you'll get a chuckle out of "SOG". CREDITS: Directed by Joseph Kwong Ken White as Uncle Walter Goofparade as Robert UserJosh as the Sushiboy Written by Ken White & Joseph Kwong Sets by Tarison & FraasMovies Sound and Visual Effects by Joseph Kwong
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