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Description: Coming Soon Two months have passed since the Paradise massacre. Zack Hunter, The Postal Dude, has wound up in an insane asylum in a coma from a bullet graze to the head. After waking up, and killing, he breaks out with the help of a doomsday cult led by his Uncle Dave. While trying to lay low, he is being hunted down by an ex-cop looking to avenge the death of her sister. Song used in trailer: Saul Williams - Break CAST Rick Hunter (Sound Clips) - Zack Hunter/Postal Dude Savannah Reynolds - Jackie Stray - Richard Ben Tuttle - Mike Ken White - Uncle Dave Joe Harp - Claude Schneider 162 - Jennifer Joseph Kwong - Blither Hoffman Bella - Faith Kittykat8587 - Nervous Fan Psylentknight - Disgruntled Orderly Wolfpred - Dr. Greg Spencer Kwistufa - Dr. John Mrs_Malfoy22 - Gayle Ravinson DeeDeeHarwood - Nurse Joe Harp - Cooter Joe Harp - Otis
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