the Console

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Description: Awarded "Best Effects" at the Jakechief Awards 2010. Selected for screening at the 2011 MachinExpo. Here's my latest live action film. Initially I had a few scenes where Dulci hosted a home improvement show, but while editing, these scenes took away from the pacing of the overall piece. So they ended up on the cutting room floor (or recycle bin as the case may be). However, I still greatly appreciate her contribution to this film, and shout out a huge thanks to her last-minute help with yet another one of my projects. I had fun with this one, and just as with my animated films, I learned a lot. I plan on making another live action movie soon, and have already started outlining the story and started some preliminary storyboards. I'll also get a better camera (I borrowed a friend's old analog Hi8 camera for this one since my DV camcorder broke). Hopefully it'll make a difference. Thanks for viewing my latest. I hope you enjoyed it!