COLD Companion One - Intervention

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Description: This is the continuing story of The Vampire and the start of the COLD series. This story takes place 3 months after COLD and about 9 months before REPENT If you have never watched COLD or REPENT - you may be lost - you could possibly watch this as a stand alone movie though. After Elsbeth died, The Vampire was thrust into a state of depression. Not daring to even sleep in the bed they shared again and drinking only alcohol instead of life-giving blood, he is wasting away and doesn't seem to even care. However, his fellow vampire friends do care, inasmuch as they can 'care'. So they decide to have an intervention for him and get him back out into the world and back into writing music and causing general mayhem. Featuring music by Static-X, Five Finger Death Punch, Lohan, The RZA and more...
Categories: Horror