In Memorium: An Ashley Graham monologue

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Description: Original air date: March 4th, 2009 ----Made to loosely link up with the fan dub, "The Kennedy Report," this was a one-shot that I felt needed to be done, involving Ashley's perspective. I felt this needed to be released first, not just because of it's original intent to keep the fans waiting more of the series, but to give more air time towards Ashley, who had little dialogue in the game from where I started this. --- This was the point when Ashely was switched from BriannaValiente to fairuzathelolita. Though the circumstances of the recasting were rough, it worked out for the best in this case, because I was going for a more mature take of character at this monologue's point, but fairuza also did great as her in-game self as well. All Resident Evil characters (C) Capcom All original characters (C) psylentknight
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