Killa and Chilla III: Home Invasion

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Description: Another entry in the Killa and Chilla series, now more foul-mouthed and action-packed than ever. Unlike the other two, this one was made quite recently and intended to have the dialogue that it does. Once again, it is in a grainy black-and-white format (which will change as I make more) though slightly better looking than before. It is also in 720p this time. In this installment, Killa and Chilla appear to be in trouble when their household is invaded by a psychopathic chicken and robot duo seeking revenge for the murders of their brothers (in earlier films). Of course, he doesn't take two kindly to it and proceeds to take them down. These movies are just for fun, not to be taken seriously. Alot of harsh language here (subtitled), so be warned. Mods Used: Filter Mod by Augie64 Rating: 15 for subtitled strong language and moderate violence
Categories: Horror Action Comedy