Flint - Duel 3

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Description: OVERVIEW In the not too distant future, Earth starts loose it’s capability to support life and everything in the planet are gradually dying; everyone aims to head to the new inhabitant of human race, the planet Mars. Torn by war, crime, anarchy and corruption the government pays space cowboys (bounty hunters) to hunt the outlaws on their wanted list and anyone who stands against their tyrant leadership. Four cowboys (Jade,Viktor,Isaiah,and Carin) share their stories with this infamous man named Flint and their times in the edge of Armageddon. Why has Flint, an orphan and a space cowboy for the past years now one of the most wanted person in cosmos? What does each of the four cowboys have in connection? The answer lies in their future and in Flint’s past, and as they unfold each dark secrets, they will find that the very future of human race is in this man’s hand. EP 3 SYNOPSIS Episode 3 happens few days before Episode 1. Before Isaiah and Carin meet Flint, the Raileaf Brothers will share their significant past and how a brutal and mischief gossip about them started. Please be aware of the introducing characters in here. They play a huge role on the finale here.