Inside the Actors Studio

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Description: Movie by MuVies. Released Nov 30, 2005. t takes a while before you appreciate the humoristic aspect of this movie, but as soon as you realise that it has illustrations from seven different movies in it, you will smile at some of the funny sketches. Topped with a full voiceover (no subtitles thought) and soundtrack this flick has "high production" value written all over it. Judge for yourselves if you like it or not! Join host James Lipton as he chats with one of today's most prolific and talented stars, taking you through an illustrious career with clips from seven films and intriguing discussion. Full voiceover and soundtrack, complete with the title screen thumbnail bug. Thanks to everyone who commented (or will comment) on this. This is my first "high production value" movie, and it was a huge pain, but worth it as long as people are enjoying it. I have no idea how this got nominated as a Hot Pick. Thanks to whomever did so!
Categories: Comedy
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