Time for the Truth

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Description: Movie by Mnkeeboy. Originally released April 23, 2006. Among the many awards this movie is racking up it has just won a runner-up spot in the Lionhead Honesty competition. Thanks everyone! A "For the Movies" Re-write of City Lights by Charlie Chaplin. Meant to recreate the "silent" films of the 30's this 150 plus scene movie was filmed entirely in Tycoon mode! The story follows a tragic figure of a man who is mistaken and jailed while trying to save the unattainable love of his life. I have included common running gags and even an appearance by a group of keystonesque cops! Tragic and comic this movie wrenches your emotions from highs to lows and back again. Will she love him? Will he be able to save her? Will they fall in love or never meet again? Or will the villian win out in the end? You'll just have to watch to find out! This project took over 35 years in game time and well over a month to produce in real time. It contains over 50 custom backdrops and is filmed in Black & White with artificial aging. The Music is midi created rewritten music from the 1930's. I took popular themes and changed them a bit then produced them with a midi notation program. There are 9 original themes including the 4 main character themes. The stars for this movie were all created in star maker just for this movie. Awards Won: Runner-up, The Movies Honesty Competition. The MGM Platinum seal of Approval. Turtle Approved! On the Deen's list. and now it's Dulcilicious! Nominated for "Best Motion Picture", in the DavOscars.
Categories: Romance Drama