Space Hunger

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Description: Three Men. No food. No clue.......During the time of pre-Stunts & Effects and the freecamless era, L.M.A.O. Studios third comedy film Space Hunger was released. The film came out one week after the original The Unwanted Hetero. Hetero was banned for using celebrity names and the banning caused an uproar on the TMO forums from the TMO community. With that, Space Hunger slipped through the promotional cracks and faded from the spot light. I removed the film to make MB room and discovered shortly after, my only copy was lost. Thanks to Norrie posting the 'how to download offline films' method, I was able to get it back. Thanks so very much Norrie for taking the time to post. A great early Christmas present indeed! Film Note: Space Hunger was my first script/sketch that was used on the sketch comedy television show I wrote for. Jen and I sat in the audience as the sketch was being performed/taped. It was a very memorable moment in my life and quite a thrill to say the least. This is my sloppy TM rendition of the sketch, but ah well, it was fun to make. This also includes the short "The A.S.S.O.L. detector", WHICH is JennyN's first voice acting appearance for L.M.A.O. Studios! Enjoy!
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