The Man Who Wanted to Sneeze

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Description: Meet Corey Kindle. Social outcast. Financial sucker. His life sucks, as we know it. In his spare time, he conducts weird experiments, stalks people, and goes into strange daydreams. He is constantly berated by his horrible landlord and so-called friend, and his television is trying to kill him. One day Corey Kindle snaps, and everything spirals into disaster. Another departure as I see it. Should not be viewed as a LOL comedy. You have been warned. I am proud though, as I see this movie as my best so far. The Cast: fredtheduck as Corey Kindle thebiz as Bernie Dinko and Policeman 2 goofparade as TV advertiser, Mr. Grouchenheiser, and Bartender sisch as Mimi Opalai and Blockbuster lady kwistufa as Old Man Jinkins and Policeman 1 Written, Directed, and Music by timothy_richmond_3 Enjoy!!!
Categories: Comedy Drama