James Boff 3... A Trilogy

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Description: When Inspector James Boff Returns For His Third, And Definetely Not His Best Movie Appearance, He Is Up Against One Of The Worlds Most Comical Supervillians, Yes... EVIL SANTA (It Sounds Best When You Say 'Eeville' Like Deville But Emphasise The 'E' More And Say 'ILL', Like "That Poor Child Is Deathly ILL"... But Will He Live To Tell The Tale... Of Course He Will, Or Who's Gonna Be James Boff IN The Next 4 Movies (There's 7 Of 'Em Ya Know!) Watch To Find Out... (Although, What's The Point If You Know What's Gonna Happen?) But No, Please Watch... No One Ever Watches My Movies... I've Gotta Go Now... Hold Back The Tears GWashingMachine95! P.S, Have A Look At "The Parody Channel"... Although, What's The Point? My Movies Are The Only Ones On There. Why Doesn't Anyone Like Me?
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