Donna Kebab

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Description: Movie by pearsonhouse. Released Aug 8, 2006. DONNA KEBAB: Hotpicked! 5 minutes long. With VO from KIller_Actress & KirinRiotCrash. *People seem to be a bit confused about the movie, so I thought I should explain the story. Skip the spoiler below if you don't want to know what happens...* Since working at Jez's Diner, Susan Miles has had a passion for Doner Kebabs. One night she comes home from work feeling very sick and bloated, she believes she has had food-poisoning, but she is in for a little surprise... Unknown to her she is almost 9 months pregnant and is about to give birth... Medical fact: Although it does happen, a "concealed" pregnancy is one that goes unnoticed. Sometimes babies position themselves under the mother's ribs and it can be hard to tell. On rare occasions, some women still have their periods. Some may not get any symptoms or morning sickness at all. Contraception that contain "hormones" can cause a woman's periods to go completely irregular or even stop altogether so she may not even know she was pregnant if her method of contraception failed on her. Sorry, just had to clear that up as some people are struggling to understand the movie... Apart from the kebab craving, this movie is based on a part-true story, not mine, but a friend I know :) I would like to give a special thankyou for the people who did the VO's for me: Cast: killer_actress as Susan Miles KirinRiotCrash as Tony Miles rjb2112 as Doctor Lewis AlexDV as Kebab shop owner Pearsonhouse as Jasmine Rivers Pearsonhouse as The Midwife It was a pleasure working with you and I hope to work with you all again soon ‹(•¿•)› The VO is in English, and I decided to leave in the subtitles so the non-english studios could understand it better. Luckily the lipsynch survived the export process and looks fine :) Backdrops and credits were all made by me Jasmine's outfit was also made by me and can be downloaded at: Enjoy the movie! ‹(•¿•)› Music and sounds PartnersInRhyme Highest Chart Position: 21st Highest Romance Chart Position: 1st Awards Won: Moviewood-E Hotpick Awards From: Dracin, SpaceChicken8563 and Z007gg
Categories: Romance Drama