I FORGIVE YOU...A Gangsters Redemption

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Description: I forgive you…My first MovieStorm film short. A gangster boss starts to have regrets about the life he’s led and the people he’s killed, but only after he finds out the father of the son he killed was a legendary former hitman and now he’s coming out of retirement for one last kill…him. He calls in a local priest to give his confession to and be forgiven. He also has his men on lookout for this hitman and stop him before he can get to him. Is this his last day to live? Spoiler….Don’t read below this until after watching. This is considered my commentary of the story. Some people tell me they didn’t understand the storyline in some of my previous movies. This gangster has killed a lot of people, but it so happens he kills a legendary former hitman’s son. He’s currently in the witness protection program living as a priest. Since he’s been a priest for a while, his appearance has changed over the years and no one either recognizes him nor remembers him. The priest uses a delivery boy with a bag of money as a decoy to distract the lookouts. He figures they will think the boy wants to get inside to kill their boss with the excuse of making a payment for someone. Their greed for the money distracts them that the priest has already made his way in. The face morph of the priest signifies him reverting back to his old lifestyle in order to make the kill. I hope you liked the blood, muzzleflashes, and explosion FX. But also…I hope you noticed the decapitated arm flying at the screen during the explosion and also the shell casing flying out of the gun as the gangster is shot This is my first MoviesStorm film production. I’ve decided to alternate between iClone and MovieStorm because I like them both and think they are great products. If you have any questions on my effects and such, feel free to ask me.
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