When Green Turns Red (Trailer)

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Description: Created for the Mefune Akira Trailer Competition: Required Lines: [*]”Honestly, its not my gerbil” [*]"They're dead! They're all dead!" [*]"Shut your pie hole son and start shooting!” [*]”If you truly love me, you wont do this." [*]"Damnit, I said cut the blue one, not the green one!" A man, Sam, is diagnosed with a brain tumor and has spoken nonsense for months. Meanwhile, Earth is being attacked by people with machine guns in animal suits (naturally). Yet, because of his odd words, he seems to be the chosen one to become the hero. Will he save the world from these furries? Watch this movie, coming soon, to find out. Credits: Sam - Jorge Julie - Sonya The General - K4 Blue Dinosaur - Jorge Music - Video Copilot Sound Effects: Sony Pictures Sound Effects Mods: DL Watson - Corridor Set Lucinda McNary - Humvee Bongoman - Rifles Phil 'Overman' Rice - Eye Colors
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