The Moldy Grain

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Description: Warning: One naughty word and a few other nearly naughty ones. This movie is a voice performance primarily for the enjoyment of my fellow competitors in "The Voice" competition (2007). Nobody else will really understand it. Sometimes something strikes me funny and I just go off on it. The "moldy grain" line in "The Oasis" scene was one of those things. The scenario involved an Egyption who's family was killed by an evil emperor and he was forced into slavery. During his big revenge speach he mentions all the injustices done to him and for good measure throws in a line about having to eat moldy grain. Forget the dead family and the slavery stuff. That moldy grain really seemed to stick in his craw. This is a compilation of some riffs I did while practicing my lines. The recording was done with my digital voice recorder which I use to practice so the quality isn't great. Good Luck to all the talented people who are participating in the 2008 competition! Comedy, 2016 Digital Stock, Digital Recording, Digital Camera, Digital Sound Originally Uploaded To TMO Tuesday 19. Jun 2007 Length 1 mins 43 secs
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