How A Vampire Changed The World

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Description: My finest TMO movie, brought to TMU by popular request. This was my entry into the Fable competition. I had to cut a lot of it to get under 8 min, but I still like it. Langston Sackofpennies is a misunderstood vampire who is struggling to find his purpose in life. His meeting of a man named Shannon, yes Shannon, catapults his dream of changing the world as he interviews for a job with Joe's Crabshack, gets an unnatural sunburn on a beach that's condescending as hell, becomes an overnight YouTube legend, encounters Lionhead top-dog Peter Molyneux, and (as you might have guessed) changes the world. Langston Sackofpennies: Kwistufa Priest: drucifer67 Man1: MRFLIBBLE Uncle Lurgst Sackofpennies: drucifer67 Shannon (male): bufu0 Waitress: SailorKnightWing Boss: MRFLIBBLE Lifeguard: mcrispy13 Anchorman: Yodabob Some Guy: k4ownzall Delivery Man: mcrispy13 mods: Rik_Vargard Straat181 MelGhoul1 ozman69 Fraasmovies Duel killerbee5