chronicles of the Cthuloids III: Guardian in the Bog

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Description: A modern troop of treasure hunters recieves hints about an old treasureship neor of a deranged town in the Bayou. It's a trap, they will notice, but it's to late ....Other than the German version, this one has no extreme visual design. The dialogs are rewritten and changed. Although based on Lovcraftian Mythos, is it more Pulp Adventure than horror, as it was intented. My own comment: The movie is a bit slow in the action and therefore a little bit clumsy, too. A more biting cut would have been better. But this is not the point. People outside circles like this one critisised the movie quite rude and harshly. A reason, why I canceled the second part und didn’t do anything since 10 month. But they critised mainly “the Movies”, and they are right. It’s a pitty, really, because thee “Movies offers a wide range of possibilities. But they are simply overaged, the animations clumsy and wooden. The way, the sims are going …… a laugh. Some scenes are nothing more than senseless movement. Other seems like the acting of C- D – or E actors. But at this moment I see no other possibility for story- telling. So I will do not more than one or two other movies. …… ;-)) or three or four or so ……
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