Little Black Riding Hood

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Description: TomasM Productions biggest success in the box office was, without doubt, the horror flick Little Black Riding Hood. It recieved 162 ratings, 4,78 as average, and held top positions in the charts which was very unexepected for me. Today, more than 2 years since it was made, you can watch it again at TMU. Enjoy! (or don't...) Description: This is the classic fairy tale about Little Red Riding Hood, but in a new, horrific costume. It's based on the Grimm Brothers version, containing a hunter. You problably know the original story - but what happens in this one? This is my first movie made with the Stunts and Effects Expansion. Music and sounds: and VO's: Me and my girlfriend (we're both from Sweden - she has quite good english accent, well, I can't really say that I have that myself ;) ) Now, pump up the volume and enjoy! Hope that you'll like it! (Some VO's unfourtnately has a little low volume due to some technical issues, but just keep the volume up and it should be ok. Also, there is subtitles, so you should understand anyway.) Oh, by the way - yes, I know that it's absolutely impossible to look through a keyhole in that way, but...hey, it was a funny effect!
Categories: Horror