Manny Jones on Tour

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Description: By BenStudios1991 GOLDEN AGE STUDIOS PRESENTS A BENSTUDIOS1991 PICTURE PRODUCED BY WORLDCRITICPRODUCTIONS MANNY JONES ON TOUR! FORMERLY THE #1 COMEDY ON TMO! 2ND OVERALL! thanks so much everyone!! It's fading of the charts after a long run at #1 comedy...earned a #1 comedy spot in the June 2006 Hall of Fame...I'm very content with this and thanks to all who reviewed it! thanks to rposhard, kwistufa, anothernewdawn and DNR for VOS! Manny Jones ON TOUR is a fun comedy that is suitable for the whole family! (if your family is a bunch of sailors and monkeys) Manny is a “special” character who’s head is not so full of brains and more full of himself. That’s what makes Manny Jones such a lovable guy, well not to me because I don’t swing that way but if you are looking for a great film that will make your parents happy, your dog wag its pretty little tail, and the whole world a better place then…well then keep walking because this movie is a laugh out loud, milk through nose, fall out of chair comedy that will take you through the life of Manny Jones right where the last one left off, as he searches for a job, reunites with his childhood imaginary friend, and occasionally explodes, gets hit by a car and gets struck by lightening! In Manny’s world, anything can happen!
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