Faery Dust

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Description: This is our team's (War Technica)'s award winning entry to the 2011 48HR Film Project. War Technica consists of AnimaTechnica, Warlord, afterThought, Alley, Anima8tor Cathy, Per, Killian The premise of the event is you are given a character, a prop, a profession and a line of dialog and a genre and you have 48hrs to complete the film our elements: Maureen Middleton Model a hat \"Can I keep you?\" Genre: Fantasy \"Faery Dust\" Made in iClone 4 by Team War Technica Entry in the 48HR Film Project Machinima Competition 2011 Won the following awards: 1. Best Direction 2. Best Voice Acting 3. Best Sound Design - Which Includes Music 4. Runner-up for Best Picture
Categories: Fantasy