the Shadow Over Innsmouth

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Description: Ollies Winner 2009 for BEST HORROR, BEST VISUAL EFFECTS, and BEST TM MOVIE. Thank you all for your support! Half a year in the making. My first adaptation of a story by someone other than myself; I hope I did it justice. I paid special attention to the lighting and shadows. Also note the editing--I cut different scenes together as seamlessly as possible. Spoilers: For those familiar with the tale, I tried to keep this generally faithful to the original novella, but made a few changes due to cinematic reasons. The original story starts off with Robert doing research about Innsmouth in the town of Newburyport, but I wanted to start this film off while he's in Innsmouth already, so I skipped that part and let the grocery boy do most of the filling-in. Zadok does not reappear in the story after the beach scene, but I needed an ending to the chase sequence for my movie (other than Robert just slipping away from his pursuers), so I used Zadok as the distraction and reason for Robert's escape as well as providing some sort of finale to the pursuit. Zadok is also much older in the original tale, but since I have him running around, I thought it best to make him less aged. The original tale included an odd critter known as a Shoggoth which makes a brief appearance as Robert watches in horror as the thing crawls by. However, it did not do anything more than that, and I thought it to be a let down for film audiences to introduce it to only have it slither by, so I opted to exclude that from the story. Sorry for those who hoped to glimpse it. Maybe if I filmed "At the Mountains of Madness" one day, you'll be able to see them :) On a scientific note, I expanded upon the notion that these aquatic humanoids were our "missing link". In the 1970's and 80's some researchers actually speculated that our missing bridge between man and ape was an aquatic creature (thus the difficulty of finding skeletal remains). They noted that our nostrils pointed downwards to prevent water from entering (unlike the apes), we were born with the ability to swim, but chimpanzees cannot swim (they sink to the bottom due to their dense muscle mass), and we were hairless like sea mammals. However, current fossil records show we broke off from the apes and there is no "missing link" since we didn't descend from them but instead branched off and took another route (When I do research for a film, I get carried away! LOL). Thanks for all who supported this and my other works these past years. This film is dedicated to you (yes, and I mean YOU). Here's the cast of SOI, using their TMU persona names: Goofparade as Robert Olmstead K4Ownzall as Zadok Allen EmeraldEdge as the Bus Driver UserJosh as the Grocery Boy JosephKw as the Gilman House Night Clerk Kuroken as Uncle Walter Nahton as the Radio Announcer Bezzer36 as the Priest of Dagon Special thanks to MikeDBoing and Ubernewbie Music by Kaiiyoti and Goofparade