Con The Don - Robbing Hood

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Description: Con The Don - Robbing Hood ~~~~~~~~~ \"Driving down a country forest road on his way to make some \"deliveries\", Con the Don and his hitman, Harry, encounter an enigmatic pretty-boy named Harold Hood, a notorious Don thief with dead-eye aim. Powerless to stop him, Con the Don can only watch as Harold Hood makes a fool of the Don, taking his packages and also Harry, Con the Don's Alabaman hitman, to be Hood's slave in his luxurious palace. Can the Don with the help of Sammy his secretary, do what nobody has ever done before and steal back his dignity and his hitman from Harold Hood? Or will Con the Don forever live in shame?\" ~~~~~~~~~ STARRING: Andy as: Everyone except for Harry the Hitman Frosty_frost09 as: Harry the Hitman ~~~~~~~~~ MODS: Set dressing mod from DCModding Scene Expansion by Dr_House Blue 19'er + Floor Tiles by Tarison, available on DCModding Rysto's City Set Autumn Forest by Concordy32 Palace interior, exterior, corridor, bedroom and pool from a spanish mod site I downloaded from a while back, but can't seem to find it anymore. If anyone knows which site it was, please let me know so I may credit them. ~~~~~~~~~ MUSIC/SFX: Music from by Kevin MacLeoud and various SFX from soundogs
Categories: Comedy