Aliens versus Predator

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Description: First announced September 6, 2010, \"Aliens versus Predator\" is finally here!! I really hope you enjoy and leave great feedback! There may be more to come ;) Machiko Noguchi has just taken the administration job in the colony of Prosperity Wells on planet Ryushi. Strange events and murders reveal a disasterous encounter with an alien race (Predators) hunting strange black creatures (Aliens). Machiko is now faced with the ultimate battle for survival. CAST Machiko Noguchi KALEIDO91 Hiroki Shimura BENJAMINZ Ackland DARKBLADE Dachande WOLFPRED Tichinde WOLFPRED Miriam AZURE Roth BELLA Tom ICONMATTHEW1 Scott JOSTER285 Mason STEELBLADE Props Wolfpred Malak Rik Vargard Sets Wolfpred Costumes Shoni88 Wolfpred Music TOMANDANDY MARK RUTHERFORD Additional Edits by WOLFPRED \"When They Come for Me\" by Linkin Park \"Axeman\" Bitch Bank Remix