Change Your Mind

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Description: A music video. Warning, explicit images and scantily clad women. Whenever we men see a beautiful woman she almost becomes an ethereal figure. We imagine her to be whatever we want - an angel, a goddess etc. Men put their fantasy women on pedestals. The less we know about them, the easier the fantasy is to create. But beautiful women are not mythical creatures - they are real people with real problems. Christina is one such woman... Further Analysis: Just in case you didn't understand the video, here's a quick breakdown of the story. Christina is a pole dancer and is used to being ogled and putting herself on display. All her \"fans\" are interchangeable and she doesn't even notice them anymore, she's so used to them. Off the stage her relationship with Vince is failing. They were once happy and in love, Christina more so that Vince. These days however the spark has faded and the two of them are just going through the motions. Christina is desperate to hold on to the relationship and refuses to let it end. Sex is the one thing they both still enjoy and Christina exploits this. But as everything else in their relationship gradually drifts away, it becomes nothing but meaningless sex. The final few shots show that Christina has now realised the relationship will not go anywhere else and while she is desperate for Vince to love her, she is now defeated.
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