The Lincolnshire Poacher Episode 1 - Meeting Engagement

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Description: First, this is NOT a movie! The screen does not move! It's a radio play and just an experiment to see if people are interested in listening to The Lincolnshire Poacher here rather than listening to TMOA Radio Theater or downloading it from the TMOA site. In Episode 1, Allen Greene, the Lincolnshire Poacher, is sent to deal with a traitor to Home Office. Things don't go according to plan, and he's forced to work with the mysterious Wendy Clarke. Featuring Sparky as Allen Greene, Dulci as Wendy Clarke, RPOshard as Carson, Kinte as Kahn, Tom Foster as Bonker, Wolf as Mr. Calvert, Shirley Martin as Mrs. Jankowski, and Olaf Barbosa as the announcer. Music by Peter M. Adamson and Robert Farnon & his Orchestra.
Categories: Science Fiction Drama