"Cinderblock Dreams"

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Description: Gabe, a man dealing with trauma from the past finds himself hurtling down a path of murder and redemption. Starring: Nick Pemble as Gabe Meredith Williams as Jude Michael Ray Clark as Mike Erika Antonsen as Brody Christina St. Charles as The Boss Chris White as Shell Nick Brooks as The Secretary Steven McKinley as The Doctor And Don Moore as the Security Guard Directed by Nick Blacketer Edited by D.L. Watson & Nick Blacketer Sound Design/Visualfx by D.L. Watson Music by Brittany Studer Soundtrack provided by The Last, and The Mad Hatter Strikeouts Other Music created with Pro Scores Shot with Sony Handicam, edited with Sony Vegas Pro, with a $350 production cost. 7 days on Principle Photography and 4 months of Post-Production.