Bite Me Part 11

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Description: Bite Me Part 11 of 12 parts. The movie is predominately made with The Movies and Stunts and Special Effects with some iClone 4 footage inserted and edited with AVS movie software. Special props and sets kudos to: Fraasmovies, Tarison, Ozman69, 8eyedbaby, Marvellousguppimovies, Pookashells, Sturk and DOJ. Also thanks to where I found many great props. Part 10 recap: Chief Brendon Toady and Flint are astounded when the vampire shark spits out the bottle filled with poison and blood. Marine biologist Cat Cooper monitoring the shark from a submersible now faces the brunt of the monster’s fury when it repeatedly attacks her vessel. The sub disabled and resting on the ocean floor, Cat’s only chance of escape is to make it to shore wearing an old-time diving suit. With the surface just in sight, the 30-foot creature attacks and sweeps Cat up in its maw of deadly teeth.
Categories: Horror Action