The Claife Crier

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Description: This is a Ghost story from Windemere in The Lake District, the ghost was formerly a monk in Medieval times from Furness Abbey, his mission had been the rescue of a fallen women. He however fell completely in love with one such woman, whose rejection sent him madly crying his anguish on the heights of Claife, until he died of a broken heart and his ghost has haunted the region ever since. Whilst the local ferrymen knew not to collect his fare across the lake after dark, many years later a new ferryman with little belief in the old legends mistook his cry for a call, and he went out for the fare. When he returned however, his hair had turned white, he never spoke again and died soon after. In the original story, soon after this a priest came and contained the ghostly presence to a cavern where he still may be. In my adaptation of this tale I have allowed for the young ferryman to rant and rave about what he saw, which had clearly unsettled him, as any experience with the supernatural is likely to do to most folks. Here, the ghost remains, but he is meerely a shadow cast by the grief that killed the monk. I have introduced \\'Robin Goodfellow\\' to explain how despite its ghostly origins this is nevertheless a love story. The monk\\'s spirit has infact been taken away to realms beyond the real, love is a magical story after all... Original poem written and narrated by Celestial Elf, based on and adapted from a Lake District legend. More details at my blog The Dance Of Life here ( ).
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