Camp Wars

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Description: My very first TMO film Since TMO is closing, i decided to re-upload all of my films to TMU. Sets as Props Mod From DCMF. Wall From Midevil Modders Pack Winter Forest from Fraas All overlays by Andy_Inc. Cast: Butch: Andy Nick: Frosty John: Frosty Harold: Andy Music: Music: Combat, The Dark War, A better place Justin R. Durban Edgen Animations Directors Notes: This wouldn't have been possible without Andy_Inc. for the VOs, Poster, Exporting, & scripting the movie. It's not really a serious movie, mainly just a fun project to do while I script my other movie im working on. That's why all of the VOs were done by me & andy, there was no casting call, and no prior PRing. Like I said, mainly for fun. And considering this is my first movie, it proably won't be the best thing you'll ever watch. I was just anxious to get a movie out, so I made this Anyway, i'll post the link for it as soon as I get it uploaded.
Categories: Action Comedy
Tags: First TMO film