The Spy who laughed about me

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Description: Join Agent Quinn on his first adventure for saving the world of the swinging sixties from the evil Doctor Blofinger. This was my first Agent Quinn movie released March 2006. No other Voice actors only text to speech and myself, but Quinn had his famous voice already. :) Comments from TMO: SHERWINLIU - 5 stars - ** MoMc SCORE = 4.5 ** An excellent parody of spy movies, a great combination of high energy and humor keeps the viewer more than entertained. The monotone text-to-speech voices somehow add to the parody - seemed to have worked in a way that I wouldn't have expected. While the action sequences do provide a punch, what really delivers for me is the humor. To hear the monotone voice saying those extremely funny lines ("Mt Rushmore...", "Foxy...", "I got a nervous finger...") was simply hillarious. The royalty-free music also fits in perfectly and provides for the spy movie atmosphere. Dulci - 5 stars - Worth watching for the opening credits alone! Interesting storyline, and just overall well-done! Would have been a bit better without so many appearances by Microsoft Sam, but absolutely enjoyable. StevenKreg - 5 stars - Yeah! I loved the voices... entertaining movie! 6-HeadedMonster - 5 stars - i loved it...very well done action...the editing and the scence composition was beautiful.....but i just cant get over the emotionless computer voices....i found those funny..especially "Mount Rushmore" Ninette1 - 5 stars - Fantasic Movie Plot:Great/Nice edit work on this film Muisc:Perfect for this movie. VO'S:These are some of the best VO"s on TMO. I LAMO when I heard Bas-tard come from you monotone voice.
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