Shinobi Noir Chapt 4

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Description: Well here is the next installment of my Samurai Soap Opera (fight scene near the end) Thanks to all the voice actors- you all are so talented, this project would totally suck without you Ramthundar MrBipolar Harlandgirl JDthePwner SirUndead KingSchmuck-MMXVI Michiku anybody else I'm missing for this episode lemme know so I can add you I did alot of new things with this episode- like... storyboarding (LOL) animating alot of it with pen and paper and doing a whatnot. It's kinda weird since I can't really call this an action \"anime\" its more of a drama. I think if you watch it and think of some of the 1960s chanbara samurai films that's closer to what it is rather than a bleach or naruto. Well, atleast that's what I was trying to do
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