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Description: TEAM X takes on Quasar and the Creature, in the first full TEAM X Adventures episode. Dont forget to add your own heroes n villains to this ongoing story! Save the planet or build a death-ray, its up to you... CAST: SnakeEater42 Active_Studios Chris62 Katie-O Shortmuffin42 ApocolypticGiant TFoster JoeyEx JackEx JohnnyEx NickyNickles Mods: BusStopWilly Daninsky RikVargard EvilFounder MelGhoul ShyShy MonkeyBIz Mixmasterfestus Overlays: Chris62(exclusive) Skelch Werecool SnakeEater42 Sprw32 Music: ApocolypticGiant Yeagmaster Tsunamidog rogerSIMIAN/ Stark Palace Capemedia@Skinshack PublicDomain@8eyedbaby Lionhead Written and directed at Cottonmouth Pictures Productions, Toledo Ohio USA If I forgot anyone, please forgive my ignorance and PM me. FREE riott NickyNickles