"The Resurgence: Chronicles of the Shadow Chaser" trailer

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Description: This is the teaser trailer to promote my new novel, "The Resurgence: Chronicles of the Shadow Chaser." I would like to thank the following people for their help: Wayne Carrie, Ernst Ambler, Gregg Thomas, and Ron Belaire Jr. Both Wayne and Ron, my 13-year-old nephew, offered their voice talents for this trailer. Also, a huge thank you to sanction27 for his excellent costume mod of the Shadow Chaser; please check out some of his other stuff on Youtube. Thanks to the modders of dcmodding.com 8eyedbaby.com, and skinshack. Music by Kevin MacLeod, www.incompetech.com. Please help support this amazing composer. For more info, please check out my site at www.theshadowchaser.com. Trailer was created by the Movies PC from Lionhead Studios.
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