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Description: by tasmania11 SANTA& santa have been put to jail. one year later.... the world is still not safe. someone want to destroy it. the only one capable to deal with this matter.... is santa&hyde.... its our only chance.......... but it is our only choices? mod set by: edwound-strioclub lizard-artic set ozman-B/W hotel set templeofthegods-sci-fi set overlay by: bongoman-zoom to U.S bricksfilm-lionhead animated cruelworld-exploding earth matnee-exploding flame,transparant light flash vivid_videos-chainsaw fraasmovies-flashing B/W music by : Lionhead-bowerstone,hobbes cave,the movie music. Steve S.-captain of your heart voice by: Kwistufa-Santa&bad guy&agent3 Howitzer-bad guy clones bongoman-president tazmania11-agent&agent boss&hyde&introduction vo&special F/X.