Sir Fartsalot: Episode 1: The Evil Poo!

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Description: Hello, movie goers! Welcome to my newest production, which I'm very proud of! Half human, half stinky, Sir Fartsalot was trained in the arts of stench by his father, who is believed to have been raised in the sewer by sewer rats. Sir Fartsalot will stop at nothing to stop crime with his powers of stench, fartitude, and smelliness! The only thing he is afraid of is cleanliness. Will he prevail? Cast: Over-excited fan: Played by SnakeEater42 Chef Laffia: Played by EthanRunt Pierre: Played by my Dad The Evil Poo: Played by my Dad The Evil Poo's minions: YamiMarik's little brother.= Customer 1: Played by SnakeEater42 Food Inspector: Played by YamiMarik Customer 2: Played by SnakeEater42 Sir Fartsalot: Played by TFoster Dorthy: Played by Jenniza Music: Sir Farts 1: Biggstrek; Vocals by GoofParade Sir Fartsalot Theme 1: Timothy_Richmond Fartsalot_Sting02: MBStudio's Fartsalot Music: MBStudio's Poomonster attacks: Biggstrek Sirfkicksbutt: Biggstrek Sirftotherescue: Biggstrek Confrontation: Biggstrek Poomonsters move: Biggstrek Elevator Music: TPK Sounds: Ozman's Flatulance Sound Fresco_Running_Water_Tap_By_Fresco Sound Matt's Fart Sound Worryman's punch 1, 2, and 4 sounds Explosion Gas Tank Sound: Alan400 Eating Sound: TPK Jack Brooker's Fart Sound Fart 1 and 2 sounds: TPK Overlays: A TPK Production Presents: TPK; Kitty in a Poptart Box courtesy of MSN images. Character Overlays: TPK Sir Fartsalot! Director, writer, etc....: TPK Props: Animated Demon Props: Rysto If I forgot anything, or anybody, please let me know. I'm sorry if I did. Thanks! :) Enjoy! TPK
Categories: Action Comedy Drama